Cross Country Skiing. Metalsmithing.

Nordic coaching, clinics, and events--it

Cross Country Skiing. Take your Cross County Ski talents to new heights. Coaching, Clinics, share your love of skiing with others, events, and  online videos and tips. Check it out.  Click here if you are interested in the Co-Ed Ski Weekend and Women’s Ski Weekend at Izaak Walton Inn. Photo by Ralph Thornton.

Made to Order Metalsmithing. Check it out.

Metalsmithing. Made to order one of a kind Pendants and Belt Buckles are great gift ideas.   You’ve worked hard, trained, and raced. One of a kind awards crafted for your event.  Check it out.

Brenda’s Fruit and Nut Bars

These yummy bars are loaded with good stuff and keep you going on the trail.  They are a daily favorite.  Enjoy!

Brenda Bars

USANA Health Sciences


8265722Leading an active lifestyle along with healthy eating habits isn’t always enough.  Just like members of the USSA cross country ski team, I also supplement my diet with USANA Essentials and Nutritionals.  USANA complies with the highest standards of the nutritional supplement industry and test every ingredient in every lot to meet FDA guidelines. In 2011 my husband and I began taking USANA Essentials and Nutritionals, I am confident that we are getting what we need for our active lifestyles and we have experienced far fewer colds and flues than others in our community.  If you are interested in learning more or taking a health assessment for recommendations on what you may need to supplement your health check out my USANA webpage.