XC Instructional Videos & Tips

Click on the links below for instructional documents and quick clip demo videos.

Cross country skiing Pre-Workout Body Looseners and Post-Workout stretches. Handout. I developed the easy to do body looseners and stretches with assistance from my yoga and physical therapy friends. They are designed so that you can do them on the snow prior to skiing and at your car bumper or picnic table post ski.

Scooter Drill Quick Clip Demo Video. For balance and gliding on one ski. Good for both skate and classic skiing.

Dead Stop to Glide Drill Quick Clip Demo Video. For complete weight transfer, balance, and gliding on one ski. Also good for finding classic striding Body Position

Classical Striding Quick Clip Demo Video.

Body Position Classic Running Drill Quick Clip Demo Video. For finding the correct body position in uphill striding.

Split Skate Drill Quick Clip Demo Video.  For finding “Free Glide” V1 Body Position.

No Pole Skate Skiing Drill Quick Clip Demo Video. For Body Position, weight transfer, and glide up hill.

V2 Alternate Quick Clip Demo Video.

V2 Balance Drill handout.

Waxing Skis
Swixschool.com  provides step by step instructions of prepping new skis along with application of all types of glide and kick wax for recreational skiing and racing.

Tips on kick wax application for classic skis

more to come….