PSIA Level I Evaluative Clinic
December 2017

PSIA/AASI Membership and CEU

Become a Certified Professional Ski Instructor or Obtain Continuing Eduction Credits

Are you interested in becoming a cetified ski instructor? 

It is a great way to share your love of cross country skiing with others. PSIA will provide you with a common language so our students, no matter whom they take a lesson from, will hear similar words. PSIA also strives to provide you with the most current teaching and skiing techniques to give the best value to your students. Details on becoming a Professional Ski Instructor of America can be found at for more information about becoming a ski instructor.

Every season NRM-PSIA offers a Level I Certification and a Level II / III Exam. The dates are posted in the fall of each year and are shown on  PSIA-NRM events page Level I certifications are generally held in the early season (December) while Level II/III are scheduled later (March), after you have had the season to practice and hone in your skills. For more details (i.e., schedule, prep materials) go to PSIA-NRM. Note that NRM is offering events in exchange with PSIA-Intermountain. NRM members may now take exams and prep clinics in an open exchange with the Intermountain Division. Intermountain Nordic events are also listed on the NRM event calendar. 

Do you need Continuing Education Credits? If you are certified at any level, in addition to paying your yearly dues, you must have CEU

  • CEU Requirements PSIA-AASI NRM Certified Level 1 Members: 6 credits every two years, beginning the year after gaining L1 certification
  • CEU Requirements PSIA-AASI NRM Certified Level 2 and Level 3 Members:  12 credits every two years, beginning the year after gaining L2/3 certification
  • CEU Requirements for PSIA-AASI NRM Division Clinicians & Examiners (DCE):  12 credits every year

There are a variety of ways to meet this requirement - Sign up for any nordic clinic (including participating in a Level I/II/III event). I learn something new each time a have a group of candidates together, West Yellowstone Fall Festival Clinics may also meet this requirement. For specific requirements go to PSIA-NRM Education Requirements

2019/2020 Events

  • November 2019: PSIA National XC Academy
  • December 14 & 15 2019: Level I Cross Country, Whitefish 
  • December 9 & 10, 2019, Nordic Education Staff Training, Big Sky, Montana
  • TBD: Level II-III Cross Country, Big Sky

PSIA Level I Evaluative Clinic

December 9&10, 2017

Level I PSIA Evaluative Clinic

Izaak Walton Inn, Essex Montana

PSIA Level I Evaluative Clinic

January 2014, 

Level I PSIA Evaluative Clinic

Whitefish, Montana

Level II PSIA Certification

March 8-10, 2013

Level II PSIA Certification, 

Izaak Walton Inn, Essex Montana

Level II/III PSIA Certification

February 2017

Level II/III Certification

Whitefish, Montana


Stew Chumbley, NRM Nordic Chair, Winter 2013

"On the cross country front things have been even busier. NES cross country fall training may have had a slow start as rain fell in West Yellowstone. After many years of service Herb Davis will be stepping down as the Chief Cross Country examiner. Stepping up will be Brenda Winkler. Brenda is very excited! The following of our XC program in the NW part of Montana continues to grow. Despite popular belief our XC participant numbers are greater than our Telemark numbers. This is primarily due to the membership following of the clinics of Brenda Winkler. Great Job." 

Stella Holt Level III PSIA Instructor

"Brenda, I know I've thanked you several times for the weekend, but I wanted to extend a special appreciation for your commitment to our learning. I know it takes a tremendous amount of time and energy and I am truly grateful. You really are making our nordic community a better place! And, I learned something! Well, actually a lot of things. So it is time well spent. Many, many thanks"

John Gallagher Owner / Manager Trail Sports Inc

Brenda, I would like to thank you again for the great course over the weekend. I really appreciate the amount of effort you put in to get sufficient participants and find snow.

It was great to meet you and Stella and gain an appreciation of how the PSAI runs Level 1 courses. The pre course material was terrific and far ahead of what CANSI is doing. Thanks again for an enjoyable weekend.

Herb Davis, Executive Director, NRM

Thanks for all your efforts for the Academy and staying an additional day and working with Tom and I. I thought it was extremely valuable and the work you and the group have done on the standards and the format is some of the best educational and certification material I've seen come out of PSIA since I've been a member. 

Thanks for all you've been doing for NRM XC and skiing, your dedication and passion for instructing as well as sharing your time and experience is greatly appreciated. And I always enjoy the opportunity to spend some time out on the trails with dedicated and fun ski educators! (You and Tom!)