Please download, complete the Self Evaluation Form_Email Reminders, and email the form back to me at  OR provide your responses below.  Look over the reminders on page 2 so you have everything you need for your weekend.

If you choose to respond via e-mail link below here is an example:

Example Response:; 406-730-2177; Guys and Gals Ski Weekend; I have been skiing for over 30 years, and participated in citizen races since 1995; my goal this season is to increase my V2 speed on slight uphills; no injuries; Advanced Skier.

Self Evaluation

1) Which event did you sign up for?

Co-Ed Ski Weekend

Womens Ski Weekend

2) What is your ski experience and what are your goals for the season?  Please describe your athletic ability/training, ski experience and your ski goals for this weekend/season. Also let us know if you have any injuries/conditions we should be aware of?

3) What ski level best describes you?

Beginner-I have never been on skis, have never skate skied, or I have skate skied 5 times or less. I have classical skied but never skate skied.

Advanced beginner-I have skate skied some on my own, but have never had or have had minimal instruction/lessons. I can ski 5km on varied terrain, but only use one technique. I can ski up short rises and hills but have difficulty. Downhill control is challenging.

Intermediate-I am comfortable on skate skis, but I am looking to fine tune and improve my skills to be a more efficient skier. I am knowledgeable of V1, V2, V2A but I could use help on technique and transitions. I can ski most terrain without difficulty, and can ski 10km.

Advanced-I ski often, and regularly ski 10+km on varied terrain. I am knowledgeable and can perform V1, V2 & V2A, but I am looking to improve my technique, efficiency, speed, and gain power.


Self Evaluation Responses

Please download the form and email back to me or provide your responses here.

Brenda Winkler

Whitefish, Montana, United States

(406) 730-2177 direct